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What is EIS?

EIS (English for Integrated Studies) is a model of bilingual education in which students learn core subjects (Mathematics, Science and Computer) in English. Students will learn to understand more English through their basic knowledge and literacy of core subjects which are integrated into the new curriculum. Basic literacy of Mathematical Symbol and Methodology(MM Model), and the Science learning skills (observation, comparison, classification, transferring and inferring as Observing Knowledge Model (OK model)) lead to better comprehension of the second language. Online computer and software resources allow both students and teachers self-direction in learning. With the use of SSF( Simple, Short, Familiar) English as a medium of instruction, the fluency of both teachers and students in English as a second language will be accelerated.

EIS approach is not only teaching the students about the concepts of the lessons, not only letting them learn and understand the content of the subjects, but more so training (http://sites.google.com/site/eistrainingth) the teachers on how to utilize their basic learning experiences and teaching skills to be use in teaching English content textbooks following the EIS model.

Gallery Preview: EIS basic training for Non-English speaking teachers using English as a Medium of teaching techniques for Thai primary and secondary schools...